An ideal bathroom strikes the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Most individuals spend considerable time and effort aiming to revamp their bathrooms. However, this objective can’t be attained without proper planning. If you are searching for ideas, connect with a professional bathroom handyman. There are multiple ways you can adopt to give a fresh and inviting look to your bathroom.

6 Easy Tips You Should Follow for Bathroom Upgrade

These tips will come in handy for those looking to revitalise their bathroom space in a cost-effective manner:

Update the hardware and fixtures

It is the simplest way to upgrade your washroom. Replace the outdated fixtures and give your bathroom a new look. However, proper installation is necessary in this regard to ensure there aren’t any leaks. Swap shower heads, old faucets, and cabinet handles with new-age accessories and make your bathroom visually appealing.

Paint the bathroom walls

If you want to give a new look to your washroom, try a new coat of paint. Select a colour and pattern that is aligned with your preferences. However, it’s recommended to choose moisture-resistant paint to guarantee longevity in a humid environment.

Add new towel hooks

Adding new towel hooks will enhance the functionality of the bathroom. It is a simple yet affordable way to alter the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom. These hooks are available in diverse materials, finishes, and colours. You can select one that complements your washroom design.

Install a new vanity

By installing a new vanity, you can increase the storage capacity of your bathroom. You can keep toiletries, towels, and other essentials in the vanity. It will make your bathroom look tidy, spacious, and organised.

Change the lighting

A washroom demands proper lighting to create a comfortable environment. Replacing the traditional light fixtures with new-age energy-efficient LED lights is a good option to upgrade your bathroom space.

Update flooring

You can update worn-out bathroom floors with vinyl or new tiles. In this case, you should select materials that can resist wet environments and are easy to clean. When it is about selecting colours, textures, and patterns of your washroom floor, consult an experienced bathroom handyman for the best advice.

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