Applying tiles is vital to protect a wall from damage and make it look more aesthetic. You can choose to apply tiles on any kind of wall surface, but first, you must prepare the wall. Whether you apply tiles to your bathroom or kitchen, this is an important drill you should not miss.

Tiling Consists of Multiple Steps

 From wall tying to levelling, you must follow various important steps to prepare the surface. As a homeowner, it might be challenging for you to perform all the tasks on your own. To ease your task, you can get help from a qualified handyman nearby. They are professionals who have considerable experience in handling such projects.


Ways Professional Handymen Can Come to Your Help

 Here are a few ways you can get help from handymen regarding wall preparation for tiling.


  • Minor Preparations:

    Before you begin the process, you must follow some minor steps for wall preparation. These include various steps, like removing the loose plaster, tearing down the old wallpapers, layering and dust cleaning. A handyman can perform all these jobs for you with their professional-grade wall maintenance equipment.


  • Planning the Installation:

    It is one of the major responsibilities of a professional handyman. They have to plan the measurements and other vital factors for a smooth installation of the tiles. They perform a precise measurement of the wall surface, count the number of tiles and consider the pattern and design requirements.


  • Choosing the Right Adhesive:

    In the process of tiling, selecting the right kind of adhesive is a vital factor. You may come across different types of adhesives, but a handyman knows which one will work the best on your wall. Some popular kinds of adhesives include ready mix adhesives, standard powdered adhesives and rapid set multi-flex adhesives. You should leave all the worries of selecting the tiling adhesive to the professionals.


  • Levelling the Wall:

    The handymen can come to your rescue when you need to level the wall surface for a smooth installation process. They use a long piece of timber and place it on the wall to check for bumps. The professionals need to take care of the wall bumps that measure more than 4 to 5 mm.


These are a few ways handymen can ease the process of tiling your walls. To get help from a professional source, you can contact NJ Home Solutions. Our company comprises a team of experts who are known for providing quality handyman services. To book our service, you can visit our website today.