Are you struggling with managing some of the common tasks of your home on your own? You don’t have to worry about them anymore. You must hire a skilled handyman to facilitate your property maintenance tasks. Make sure to find a reliable company for excellent handyman services. Here are the different types of tasks a handyman can help you with.


Common tasks That Handyman Services Include


Fixture Replacement

 Your home fixtures like cabinets, faucets, lighting or anything else can wear out over time. Though some minor tasks you can definitely do on your own, some homeowners are too busy to look after these tasks. This is when handyman services come into the picture. Fixture replacement jobs don’t need a licence. Hence, most handymen can perform it easily. Hire an expert and sit in peace.


Drywall Installation

 You may need to install new drywall after remodelling your home or after fixing your water damage. A professional handyman service can perform this task easily for you. They come well-equipped with all the required tools to measure, cut and install drywall boards.


Interior and Exterior Painting

 This is one of the most common tasks our handymen are called for. Painting a house is a difficult endeavour, particularly when it’s occupied. Some property managers or homeowners also paint their homes before selling with the aim of getting a positive return on investment. You can count on our handymen to deliver quality and well-finished painting.


Smart Home Upgrade Installation

 A proficient and experienced handyman can easily help you with installing your smart home devices like doorbells, thermostats and sensors. We send a certified and well-trained handyman to install your products.

 Power Washing

 This is more common for exterior walls, sidewalks, garage floors, driveways, roofs and other surfaces where dust and dirt build-up easily. This can cause discolouration. Power washing is part of regular property maintenance, keeping your exterior pristine. Power washing requires using a specialised tool, and not every general handymen service has it. Hence, reach out to experts to ensure proper cleaning.


Window Repair

 Some handyman services provide window repair services. You can also trust them for cleaning, replacing or installing a window or window frame.


At NJ Home Solutions, our handymen can also do plumbing repairs, tile installation and many other tasks. We offer a variety of property maintenance services. You can count on us for reliable handyman services. Contact us today to learn more about our services.